Yoi Martial Arts Club
Shorin Ryu Karate/ BBJ

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(614) 378-5554 

YMAC   Is a traditional Martial Arts school. The focus is on  self defense, self improvement, discipline and respect. 

YMAC  Training is held at the
Continent French Quarter 6200 B Busch Blvd. Columbus Oh 43224       (See contact us)

Childrens classes
Adults classes
Womens self defense classes
Specialized defense classes
Private classes
    available !

Offing a  8 week summer introduction coarse to Karate and self defense for Kids and adults for $39 per person.

We accept Credit card, checks and cash.

 Includes a  Gi (Uniform)  for training in.  Ages 6 and up

 Training held on Mondays or Wednesdays  6:30pm to 7:30pm once a week for 8 weeks

Students will learn basic Karate techniques and self defense.

 Shorin - Ryu
Okinawan Karate
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Close Combat Training

Womens self defense

Six week course cost $89.00   Please see class times and fees
for complete information

  Our training  combines and shares four common characteristics.


   These classes focus on both personal safety and self defense.  Everything we teach is easy to learn, easy to remember,  functional and effective.  Take the steps to prevent a rape or a violent attack.  Gain the ability to defend yourself if you need to.  It's your life take control of your safety.